Contestant Banned List

Unfortunately, sometimes me have to ban entertainers from our Pageant System. Usually this is due to not showing up to the National Pageants to compete or other times its due to violations of our rules or something else. Below is a list of the entertainers who are banned form All American Goddess Pageantry.

The contestants listed are not allowed to compete in any local, state, or regional pageants in either the All American Goddess, All American Goddess at Large, or All American Gent systems until they have paid back their promoters any prizes received and $250 fine to National Office.

They may not perform, entertain, judge, promote, or attend any All American Goddess Pageant event, preliminary or pageant.

Banned from March 2017- March  2019

Gent -

Carson Wells

Prince G LaMasters
Gerard Rodriquez
Mason A Nicole
Raymond Snow
Xavier Matthews
Christian Lorez

Felipe Love

De'Shay Ellington

Christopher Matthews

William Manibusan

Petey Love

Omar Martinez

TK Steel

Dylan Dix

At Large -

Lana Paige
Juicy St Claire

Cherry St Clair

Nichelle Kartier

Erica Ororo Summers

Eazzz Breazzz

Jasmen Pierce

Chanel Ticey

Rachelle Marie

Goddess -


Naomi Wynters

Chantel Reshae

Imani Valentino

Jade Embers

Tamia Myles

Natalie Cutrone McCall

Armani Andrews

Erika Norrell

Permanently Banned from All American Goddess

Banned until fees are paid to National Office

Kassadyne Sexton (Scott Vincent)

Aarone Moore (Tyra B Fierce) - East Coast AAG & East Coast AAG at Large Promoter 2014/2015

Addison Vontrell - Rocket City AAG at Large Promoter

Rich Bettencourt - Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Southern Elegance, Southern States Promoter

Christina Lustra - Bluegrass AAG at Large Contestant

Mike Rhinehart - North Carolina AAG Promoter

J.D. Freeman (Harlee Davidson) - Indiana AAG Promoter

Taran Lorez - OH AAG 1st Alternate Contestant

Tyler Eversten - North East AAG Promoter

Robert DiSanto - North East AAG Promoter

Lawrence McCrobie (Dakota St James) - Kentucky AAG Promoter

Banned from June 2018 - June 2020