About The All American Goddess Pageantry System

The All American Goddess pageant is a national pageant that was started in 2007 by Scott Gonyaw. It's the first pagaent system that opened the doors to allow post op entertainers to compete at the national level with their cisgender drag sisters. AAG expanded its system to include an At Large pageant in 2009 and Gent, a system for male entertainers, in 2013.


AAG continues to grow and rise as one of the newest drag pageant sytems to compete with older systems like USofA, EOY, etc--- with prelims in New Mexico, Wisconsin, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and so many more!


From Our Founder

Scott Gonyaw

AAG Founder and


I have been involved in the art of female impersonation for twenty six years. I have competed and been a spectator at pageants since the age of 17 years old. Although I do not compete or entertain any longer, I have an incredible passion for the art and the individuals who set the standard for the industry. I was attending a National Pageant a few years back and realized there were a lot of girls out there that hadn't found their place in the pageant world!!

Every entertainer no matter what they have won or who their name is should be allowed to show his/her potential by being allowed to compete on a level playing field. That being said I came up with the idea of starting a national system where entertainers could come and showcase their abilities and talents and of course beauty.

I started this journey by making a decision to crown my All American Goddess Emeritus 2007 LaToya BaCall and my All American Goddess at Large Emeritus 2009 Lawren LaMoore,  they would set the standard for the All American Goddess Pageantry System. A true symbol of what a title holder should be and a friend to all.

I invite you to join us at one of our many preliminary pageants across the country to witness for yourself this fun, lucrative, and fair system I call All American Goddess Pageantry!


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